How to Know What to Say on Twitter

Twitter PR Strategy

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If, as an organization, you find yourself wanting to engage an audience through blogging and micro-blogging social media outlets like Twitter, this chart from Ogilvy PR Worldwide should help get you started.

Usually when an organization struggles to answer the question “What is it, exactly, that we’ll say?”, the root of the problem can be traced back to a lack of a coherent communications strategy that matches the medium (social media) and the tool (Twitter).

What’s Your Twitter Strategy?

Like any good plan, this chart will help you first define your communications goals (Strategy Column) which may be Customer Relations, Crisis Management, Event Coverage, or any other objective important to your organization.

Once your goal is defined, you need to engage the audience first by defining them and then listening in (Follow Column). Following the right people on Twitter – the people who can help you get your message to the target audience – is the critical research component of your communications strategy. It will help you properly frame your content and engagement approaches to take the “You View” – in other words try to see through the eyes and tweets of your audience first.

Finally, once you have an objective and a good understanding of your audience, you’re ready to Create content that will appeal to them and Engage them at the right place and time with the right content.

None of this has to be long and arduous. The important thing is to hash out an initial plan, get involved, and adapt as you learn, and this framework should help in overcoming the inertia of getting started.

Now get out there and start tweeting!

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  1. Blake says:

    I have just been typing anything on Twitter especially doing some advertising on my blog. But I don’t get enough visitors coming from it. I just wonder why. Do I need more followers?

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