Why Apple’s Ottawa Genius Has SEO Value

Over the past couple of days, the Ottawa Twitter-sphere has been alight with rumours of an Apple store coming to Ottawa.

But just today, the rumours started becoming a little closer to reality with Apple’s job posting for, yes, a Genius.

What does Apple’s Genius have to do with SEO?

Plenty.  When your advertised job titles are the usual, boring, same-old-same-old, you’re not going to attract much attention now are you?

So why not spice up your job titles a bit, no, a lot? I mean really make them sizzle. 

Make them so tantalizing that people will want to Twitter, Email, IM, blog about, and otherwise link to your job ads, just because they’re so intriguing, silly, sexy, unconventional, or outrageous.

Pure viral linkbait from something as simple as a job title and description – now that’s genius.

How about you – are you still running boring job ads?  Even if you wanted to, could your organization make the change and the committment to be a little more interesting?

About John Somerton

John Somerton is a web marketing strategist and creator of the Keyword Unity methodology for developing search engine marketing strategy. He lives in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.

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