How to Get Google AdWords Conversion Tracking on WordPress

Getting the dreaded “Verification Failed” message when trying to add AdWords conversion tracking to your WordPress blog?

AdWords Conversion Tracking WordPress Verification Failed

Look no further! Here’s a simple fix (a little bit of a hack) that will get you tracking Google AdWords conversions on your WordPress pages in no time flat. [Read more...]

Compete vs. Alexa and the Dangers of Toolbar Metrics

Relying on toolbar generated metrics such as Alexa to make important decisions can be very dangerous if you don’t ask yourself the single most important question of any data collection tool: What is the source of the data?

Yes it’s the toolbar, but ultimately who is using the toolbar? That is, who has actually gone and taken the time to install the toolbar widget. I would have to guess that people install the toolbar for one primary reason – to get metrics – and not for the secondary reason of supplying metrics.

And who is most interested in getting metrics? Internet marketers! SEO’s (like myself) [Read more...]