How to Pick the PPC Ad That Makes You the Most Money

Any decent pay per click marketer knows that the best campaign results are obtained through a rigorous test and measure approach. A/B split testing of PPC ads and landing pages in an effort to continually improve response rates for email opt-ins, lead generation, and sales is essential to win in any competitive market place.

On the surface, that sounds like simple common sense. The not so simple part though is in making the decision of which ad to run with, and which to can.  In other words, when A/B split testing, do you choose ad A or ad B?  [Read more...]

How to Get Google AdWords Conversion Tracking on WordPress

Getting the dreaded “Verification Failed” message when trying to add AdWords conversion tracking to your WordPress blog?

AdWords Conversion Tracking WordPress Verification Failed

Look no further! Here’s a simple fix (a little bit of a hack) that will get you tracking Google AdWords conversions on your WordPress pages in no time flat. [Read more...]