How Website Structure and Information Architecture Is Critical to SEO Success

A well balanced website structure, logical information architecture, and clean URLs make your website more appealing to both search engines and visitors by ensuring your content is laid out and accessible in a logical and intelligible way. [Read more...]

Duplicate Content – How It Hurts SEO And Tips on Avoiding It

Over the past few years there has been much talk about content spamming and duplicate content penalties. In fact not that long ago a malicious webmaster could essentially scrape the content from another site, claim it as their own, and begin ranking for those pages – even over and above the original site! Aside from the obvious copyright violations, they were also effectively stealing business from those honest and unsuspecting website owners. [Read more...]

SEO CMS – How to Choose an SEO Friendly CMS

Although the interrelationship between SEO and CMS is probably one of the most complicated topics when it comes to web design mistakes that can hurt your search engine optimization efforts, it is also one of the most important things to get right upfront. [Read more...]

How to Know What to Say on Twitter

Twitter PR Strategy

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If, as an organization, you find yourself wanting to engage an audience through blogging and micro-blogging social media outlets like Twitter, this chart from Ogilvy PR Worldwide should help get you started.

Usually when an organization struggles to answer the question “What is it, exactly, that we’ll say?”, the root of the problem can be traced back to a lack of a coherent communications strategy that matches the medium (social media) and the tool (Twitter).
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Best Blog Posts on How to Get ReTweeted

Want your tweets to go viral on Twitter?

If the secret to going viral on Twitter is to get retweeted, these blog posts from renowned bloggers, Internet marketers, and social media experts should get you started on the right track to creating the kind of Twitter content that will have your audience practically begging to retweet you! (how’s that for hyping it up?)

So you can hit the ground running with some good, solid, how-to-go-viral information, the first set of posts explore the more practical and creative elements of how to get retweeted.

And if you’re anything like me, you always need to know “why” things work the way they do (could be the engineer in me).  If that’s you, the second set of posts will give you a good solid grounding in the science and theory of getting retweeted and going viral on Twitter.

So without further ado, here’s how to get retweeted. [Read more...]

Routing Out the SEO Snake-Oil Salesmen

Bannack Days 2008-snake oil
Over the past couple of days I’ve seen several questions asked on LinkedIn along the lines of “What questions should I ask a potential SEO provider?”, which prompted me to pose a different question to the Ottawa SEO discussion group:

In what ways might the SEO industry (as a whole) respond to issues of fear and lack of trust in selecting an SEO provider?

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Why Apple’s Ottawa Genius Has SEO Value

Over the past couple of days, the Ottawa Twitter-sphere has been alight with rumours of an Apple store coming to Ottawa.

But just today, the rumours started becoming a little closer to reality with Apple’s job posting for, yes, a Genius. [Read more...]

My Choice for SEO Project Management: Basecamp Turns Five!

The folks over at 37signals celebrated a significant milestone yesterday – their Basecamp baby turned five!

In case you didn’t know, Basecamp is an online project management and collaboration tool, built on the Ruby on Rails framework. It’s slick, simple and intuitive to use, and an inexpensive solution to client communication and management for SEO projects.

Why I Like Basecamp for SEO Project Management and Collaboration

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What If Taxi Cabs Were Like Search Engine Ads?

Taxi Me

I just finished playing around with this interesting site featured on Startup Ottawa and created by Jordan Boesch called Taxi Me.

Taxi Me is a neat tool that mashes up Google Maps with cab fare estimation to let you estimate the cost of a cab ride from point A to point B. [Read more...]

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